Asyla Attorneys

practice Areas

Corporate Practice

Our corporate practice offers a wide range of services from the registration of companies (private, limited, non-governmental organizations, among other things) to acting as company’s secretary to ensure our client’s compliance obligations are satisfied. Drawing on our experience in private sector corporate management, the firm advises on wide range of corporate legal affairs such as; securitization; due diligence; corporate investment; pension and employment issues; and tax management.

Donor Funded Projects and Charitable Organizations

We have a long list of donor funded clients and it has been our pleasure to provide services to the myriad of DFP projects, foreign governments and charitable organizations that make it their mission to improve the lives of Tanzanian people. We provide a wide range of services to our donor funded clients including establishment, tax advice, immigration, labour law matters and tenancy issues as well as many other services.

Finance and Banking Practice

We have experience dealing with complex transactions for borrowers, lenders, issuers, lead managers, trustees, debt collectors, syndicated lending, assignments, international trade and finance. The firm’s well resourced legal team ensures prompt and effective results when handling client’s finance and banking transactions in Tanzania’s rapidly growing financial sector.

Tax and Commercial Practice

From our inception, we have maintained our dedicated, distinctive, and swift approach to drafting all commercial contracts, conducting business negotiations, and representing clients in commercial transactions. Our lawyers’ special expertise of tax and taxation system makes us a reliable first option for delicate commercial transactions. We possesses both the legal skills and commercial background necessary to effectively handle complex business transactions and advise on delicate commercial arrangements.

Litigation Practice

Our team of accomplished litigators have successfully represented our clients in a multitude of diverse cases affirming Asyla Attorneys as a leader in the areas of commercial and business litigation, mediation and arbitration. Our clients have included major international multinationals and individual entrepreneurs and all benefit from our personal touch and attention to detail.

Intellectual and Real Property Practice

Identified as an area of continuing growth, we quickly adapted to provide for our client’s industrial and intellectual property law needs. We deal with trade and service marks registration and renewals; unlawful interference with copyright issues; conveyances; and mortgages and leasing arrangements; among other things.

Labour, Employment Practice

We have had extensive experience in both defence and claim in labour matters as well as providing advice to companies and organizations in the process of reorganization or retrenchment of employees.

Privatisation, Competition and Regulations Practice

In the changing economic trends in Tanzania, Asyla Attorneys compiles vast experience of its lawyers in implementing and advising corporations and multinational companies to effectively cope with the market requirement.

Matrimonial, Family and Adoption Laws

One of the areas of practice in Asyla Attorneys is Matrimonial and Adoption laws. The firm advises and represents various international and domestic clients on separation, divorce, division of matrimonial assets, adoption and foster care of children in Tanzania.